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Educational Software and Resources for The Classroom

In this age of technology, some teachers may find that students spend the majority of their time on the computer and on the Internet. At first, the time spent online may seem to distract from academics; however, this technology can, and should, be used as a teaching tool. The Internet offers a collection of online learning tools that cover the gambit of subjects taught in schools everywhere. In a world of Smart Phones, Tablets, and eReaders, technology should not be ignored, but incorporated into a classroom for more meaningful learning.

Online educational games are especially great for learners that may best retain information by doing. It is particularly helpful for kinesthetic learners, as these games often include elements of interaction. Students who work best in a non-traditional setting may also find these activities beneficial when practicing new concepts and classroom material. The following is a sampling of online educational games that may be utilized in support of a variety of class material and subject matters.

  1. Science Games from NASA - These featured games cover a wide variety of topics within the scope of science and are suitable for 4th grade up.

  2. Health Related Games By NIH - Covering a variety of health and human biology topics, the National Institutes of Health provide games for students of varying skill levels and can be used to reinforce class material.

  3. Earth Science Games for Students - These Earth science and geology games and activities are wonderful when reinforcing class materials.

  4. Natural Science and Energy Games - Students can learn and explore with these games that focus on lessons within elemental science and energy.

  5. Puzzling Numbers Games for Math - Students can use this collection of math games to challenge themselves with multi-step math problems.

  6. Assorted Basic Math Games for Younger Students - These math games can help to turn math homework into a fun and rewarding experience. Perfect for k-3 skill level students, this collection covers many basic math topics.

  7. Math Fun & Skill Building - Beginning with simple math functions and moving into more complex material, these online math games are great for students that need to practice through technology in order to advance their skill levels.

  8. Language Arts Fun - This website is perfect for young readers and spellers and provides a couple different opportunities for them to practice and develop their language arts skills.

  9. Alphabet Soup - This ABC/spelling game can be a great way for young learners to practice their letter recognition and vocabulary skills.

  10. Clifford's Road to Reading - Young readers can join Clifford the Big Red Dog as he practices readings.

  11. Customizable Spelling Game - This spelling game can work with any applied word list. A great way to practice for weekly spelling tests.

  12. U.S. History with Ben - Ben's Guide is a fun website that allows students to learn and interact with important figures in American history.

  13. Pocket Change Money Games - The U.S. mint offers games for kids to help teach basic money principles and counting money.

  14. Super Sleuth - This history game has several different missions that involve aspects of history. The sleuth must use their knowledge to solve the history mystery.

  15. Place the State - This state identification and location game test students knowledge of U.S. geography, it can also tie into American history.

  16. Typing Challenge - Students can practice their keyboarding and typing skills with this online activity.

  17. Dance Mat Typing - BBC Schools presents this typing skills game to help students master the art of typing. This can translate into many different areas of academics.

  18. Knowledge Adventure Educational Games - This website provides online learning games that cover many different subject matters.

  19. Make a Solar System - This online astronomy game allows players to create and destroy their own solar system.

  20. Earth Science and Astronomy - These astronomy activities and quizzes can help students practice concepts learned in class and explore new topics within the subject matter.

Written By Ambrose Williams