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Customer Testimonials

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your hard work and diligence to achieve this unprecedented level of visiblity of efficiency. Once again, you have exceeded our expectations. On behalf of Voyager Expanded Learning, Thank You."

Bret J.

Director of Distribution, Education Industry.

"Thank you for your continued position as a strategic partner for Voyager Expanded Learning. It is this sort of commitment that sets you apart from your competitors."

Darren A.

Vice President of Operations, Education Industry.

"Your team is AWESOME!"

Mona R.

Operations Manager, International Global Forwarder.

"We thought our shipping system was doing a good job, and that we had a handle on what was happening with our transportation operations. With your systems up and running, we feel like we just came out of the Dark Ages!"

John W.

Transportation Director, Aerospace Industry.

"Probably the most painless implementation we've ever gone through. You make it look easy."

Richard J.

Director of IT, Medical Supply Industry.

"I admit it was hard to appreciate HALO before it was fully operational, but now I can't imagine how we functioned without it! I don't use any of our other systems anymore since everything I need for day to day management or research is right here. Thank you!"

Jason R.

Transportation Manager, Industrial Supply Industry.

"I was a little concerned about SaaS, but I can't believe how easy it is to set up new shipping stations in our various warehouses. And since I can control them all from here, I'm finally confident that we're maximizing shipping costs and saving money."

Bill D.

VP Transportation, Retail.

"I've been ready for every meeting since HALO was implemented. They call me the "answer person" now! Thank you!"

Cheryl S.

Transportation Manager, Printing Industry.