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About The Company

Headquartered in Memphis, TN, Engage Technology is at the epicenter of one of the largest distribution regions in the United States. As a result, our team is constantly immersed in the transportation industry and has a first hand sense of supply chain needs and where industry trends are leading. This helps to ensures that our software is always relevant and on the cutting edge of technology.

True SaaS Solutions:

Unlike some competitors who claim to have internet solutions, Engage Technology systems are true SaaS and are designed to be delivered via the Internet wherever you need them. There is no software to install, no upgrades to purchase, and there is never a "hosting" charge. Our systems are hosted, and our customers are charged for what they use. In this way, they enjoy the benefits of world-class systems for a fraction of what it cost to build them. This is a true SaaS.

The Team:

Our team is largely comprised of highly experienced executives and professional software engineers with many years in the transportation industry. The systems at Engage have been designed from the ground up for transportation professionals by transportation experts. Engage Technology was borne from the understanding that few comprehensive and sophisticated tools exist to help transportation professionals deliver consistent value to their company and customers without extensive investments in software, hardware and time. Engage delivers its solutions with its true SaaS platform quickly, reliably and at a fraction of the cost.

The Transportation Software Technology:

HALO and Intelliship (our flagship products) were first deployed in 2001 and since then have been deployed in a variety of industries, some with highly complex supply chains. These include such industries as Aerospace, Medical Device, Automotive, Home Entertainment, Retail, eCommerce, and many more. Small companies and billion dollar multi-national conglomerates have benefited from our innovative transportation software solutions.