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Case Studies

Remel, Inc

Remel, Inc. had expanded to thirteen separate facilities located throughout the U.S. The nature of their product requires time-sensitive deliveries and special freight handling inclusive of all modes of expedited delivery. Remel was utilizing multiple carrier-provided shipping systems at each dock. Thousands of shipments are processed each day resulting in a queue to stage the fulfilled orders at each shipping carrier-specific workstation. Distribution speed was limited by the physical number and speed of carrier-specific workstations causing shipping delays and increased personnel costs.


Remel called on Engage Technology to review its distribution process to determine technological solutions that would integrate their order management, customer service, inventory and shipping disciplines, with a stated requirement of enhancing the shipping process at each facility.


Intelliship was deployed to all thirteen Remel facilities within 30 days. The enhanced IT infrastructure of this multi-carrier, multi-facility, high-velocity, centrally managed shipping system was integrated to their ERP affording real-time visibility of shipment status to all internal departments while streamlining the shipping process. The shipment staging queue was eliminated regardless of shipping volume. Employee overtime costs previously incurred due to shipping process delays were removed.

Remel's use of carrier provided shipping systems caused significant bottlenecks at the shipment processing stage of the supply chain as the fulfillment process was much faster than the shipping process. This problem was historically solved by creating a shipment staging area to aggregate shipments that were routed for a specific carrier. The shipping process was limited by the speed and number of carrier-provided systems available for processing. Engage Technology immediately replaced all carrier-provided shipping systems with its propriety, high velocity, multi-carrier shipping system Intelliship, which effectively created 10 shipping workstations at each facility capable of producing documents for shipment with any carrier at any time. This removed the necessity of sorting shipments by carrier prior to shipment processing and eliminated the staging process as the shipment process was now integrated as a seamless component of the fulfillment process. Documents are produced for each shipment, regardless of carrier, as the fulfilled orders move through the processing area. Shipment information is immediately returned to Remel's ERP system, now JD Edwards, affording Customer Service and other departments visibility to the exact status of their customer's shipment at all times.

Voyager, Inc

Voyager Expanded Learning needed to further streamline and improve its logistics programs while providing definitive visibility to its supply chain. A specific requirement was set to obtain visibility of order-level proof of delivery when multiple orders were delivered to a given school district.


Voyager called on Engage Technology to investigate all elements of the company's logistics process and to identify a technological solution that could enhance efficiency shipping processes on the dock and provide complete supply chain visibility.


The team at Engage quickly deployed its proprietary transportation management solutions. An IT infrastructure was designed to provide seamless round-trip data flow from Voyager's internal ERP system and HALO. Engage also worked with Voyager's carriers to provide seamless data flow of order level POD information to HALO. Engage's multi-carrier shipping system, Intelliship, was deployed on the Voyager dock greatly enhancing the speed and efficiency with which orders are routed and shipped.

Prior to partnering with Engage, Voyager was self-managing a large carrier base inclusive of parcel carriers, air freight providers, LTL carriers, TL carriers, and various international carriers. As Voyager's distribution mechanics rapidly became larger and more complex, downstream logistical challenges emerged. One such issue was a direct result of the popularity of the Voyager Learning programs themselves. Curricula were successfully being delivered to the various School Districts or to the individual schools; however, individual teachers were not receiving their shipments, presumably because other teachers were taking the curricula at the delivery point. This resulted in ever-increasing re-shipments and an upward spiral of overall transportation and product costs. The logistics programs in place were inadequate to ensure "teacher-specific" delivery even for the re-shipments. The carriers in place provided only "after-the-fact" visibility making root cause analysis virtually impossible.

Engage was able to rapidly integrate with Voyager's ERP system, establish automated routing, introduce high velocity shipping systems at the dock, configure the carrier network to provide Teacher-specific POD mechanisms, and through its HALO technology provide near real-time tracking, POD reporting, and metrics. The result was a dramatic reduction in transportation costs, reduction in personnel costs due to Intelliship's high-velocity, multi-carrier shipping capabilities, near real-time visibility of inbound and outbound shipments, a drastic reduction in re-shipments, and information reporting that allowed Voyager to enjoy a complete picture of their entire transportation network in a single glance.